OSAR Has been a highly innovative leader in the field of precision hot forging since 1957.


and Quality

OSAR has been a highly innovative leader in the field of precision hot forging since 1957.

With firm foundations in robust technical and industrial experience, the company produces pre-bored components with cold-calibrated surfaces, and very tight tolerances.



OSAR is a leader in the manufacture of claw poles, a principal component in alternator rotors for the automotive sector.



The Production Process

We plan all phases of the production process to ensure that the product fully satisfies our client’s specific requirements..

Equipment Planning & Design

We make presses and tools using FEM (Finite Element Method) simulation software for pressing and CAD/CAM.

Equipment Manufacturing

We produce all our own equipment entirely in-house using CNC milling and CNC and electroerosive lathes.

Billet Cutting

We cut the steel before forging it to produce billets of suitable weight in preparation for the next production step.

Hot Pressing

Components are hot-pressed on 8 automated production lines fitted with loaders, ovens and presses which transform steel billets into non-machined parts ready for processing.

Cold Calibration

6 semi-automatic lines carry out cold calibration which produces parts with tolerances close to those of the finished components.

Mechanical Processing

Turning and milling of the components satisfies finished product tolerance requests. This is carried out at 25 turning stations and 5 milling stations across 17 automated production islands.



We monitor our production processes through continuous system, product and component checks thereby ensuring that our clients’ requirements are fully respected.


OSAR employs a BMS that has been certified for more than 25 years. This system manages all our manufacturing processes and ensures operational excellence, technological progress and the involvement and motivation our team of people.


We strive to reduce the impact of our company by carefully assessing environmental factors.

Certificazioni qualità Osar is certified IATF 16949, ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 14001:2015