Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

We strive to reduce the impact of our company by carefully assessing environmental factors.

Environmental management system

Monitoring and improvement of the environmental performances through an environmental management system certified ISO 14001.

Energy saving

Periodic energy diagnosis to both ensure efficient use of energy and reduce consumption.

Reduction of resources consumption

We optimise resources through specific studies on raw materials (e.g. Green Steel).
Reducing the environmental impact considering the entire product life cyrcle
Continuous production waste monitoring with research studies about strategies to reduce it. Reusable packaging instead of disposable packaging to reduce the amount of waste.

Use of renewable resources

Photovoltaic system constantly monitored to guarantee its efficiency.
Safer alternative substances instead of hazardous substances to a less environmental impact
Non-mineral oil involved in mechanical processing.

In 2022 OSAR srl has joined the Treedom for business project.

Treedom is the world’s first web platform created to plant a tree directly from home and follow it online.
It was founded in 2010, since then more than 3 millions trees have been planted in Africa, South America and Asia by the local farmers.

As a result, it has generated lots of environmental, financial and social beneficts for their rural communities.

In 2014 Treedom has become a B certified corporation, a global system joined by all the companies characterised by the highest environmental and social beneficts.

We have decided to plant 250 trees with Treedom, because we want a greener and fairer world.